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When you get tired don’t give up

The days at times seem to never end, you pray for night to be near for the darkness to hide your pain, as to you the light only make it hurt more. You want to be there to be strong … Continue reading

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Raising kids

Having a child or children does that really make us a parent? At age 18 I got pregnant with my first child a son, I wish I could say his was the happiest day of my life but it was … Continue reading

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Expectations of one you think would be there … But they are not

As a parent we sometimes under estimate the love you think your kids would have for you 😦 I always thought above and beyond anything, I would always have the love of my kids, after all you took the pain … Continue reading

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Today I had a piece of chicken and it brought back memories of when I was a kid, my brother and I did not really have anyone so we would rely on each other I can remember one time when … Continue reading

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