Raising kids

Having a child or children does that really make us a parent? At age 18 I got pregnant with my first child a son, I wish I could say his was the happiest day of my life but it was one of the most scariest day of my life 😦 so many thoughts the unknown, how can I do this I am but a child myself, I had no personal experience of raising a child, I am a child that was never raised by a mother or a father I am a child that never knew love yet alone to give love. How am I to know how to raise my son, can I do this ? These are a few of the questions that I had in my head the day I gave birth.

Here is another thought one look at him his eyes, his smile his cry gave me all the strong will that I can do this! for as much as I did not have as a child myself, I just reverse it all to the fact that he will and can have because he had me :):):) so with that I raised my son I actually raised 2 boys as a single mother and looking at them now, yes, I made some mistakes along the way but they are the most beautiful boys any parent could imagine.

Not because you may not have had the best parents or any parents for that matter you can still be a good parent to your child or children do not blame the past as what you have now is the now and the future.


About mssjackie

Licensed Mortgage Banker currently for the states of NY & NJ with over 18 years of mortgage banking experience, as a single mother of two sons ages 27 and 21 years old :) Came from the Island of Jamaica at the age of 18 years old with just the shoes on my feet and the clothes on my back. Soon pregnant with no support or hope, I had to find a way to survive. Through many struggles and hard times, survive I did. Now I would like to share my experiences with others who may be facing the same hopelessness but with the desire to survive the struggles facing them.
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