I did not give up as a mom

Another year to celebrate a day as Mom’s, for me I reflect on another year to remember the paths taken to be called “mom”. A young teenager at 18 years old I was faced with a decision to be a mom, with no help or support from anyone, family, friends or the father, I was labeled a bad person, a slut, telling me my life would be ruin if I kept my child. Having never grown up with a mother myself I question how would I know how to raise a child? I had the love of a father and a brother and sister but have yet to experience love elsewhere, with that I held on to what I knew and felt within.

I kept my child pregnancy, and my son :):) and today I look at him and I feel such joy and love, don’t get me wrong life was not always good for us, as we had some bad times, my inexperience as a mother, I made choices to protect and shelter my son, sheltered him from the bad I feared would take over our lives by the surroundings of where we were, I missed out on so many things as I was always working to provide for us 😦 sometimes 3 jobs I held just so he has what he needed. But today despite all the struggles I can also look back and see more joy than pain, I see more love than I could ever imaging having, I have tears yes tears each day, most I can say are tears of joy tears of love tears of I made it, yes I did it WE DID IT…

I was later blessed though in a much lighter situation with another son..He is the light of my eyes I see in him so much of me, when I’m down he pull me up and there I can say for my two boys I am a mother I am a mom, and each year they never fail to remind me that it was all worth it. I know we still have ways to go as a mom’s journey is never ending.

For all the mothers that are reading this, no matter what obstacles may come your way,the road will indeed be rough and at times, seem long, when you think you are alone, I can tell you that you are not, as I now also realized as much as I thought I was alone, aside from my kids; what I did not see before was that I had a lot of help from strangers. For the times I could not get out of work on time or unexpectedly, the mothers that stopped to give a ride to my kids or the ones that offered to watch them when I had no one, I say thank you for helping me raise my kids.

From this mother to all mothers single or not HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you all….


About mssjackie

Licensed Mortgage Banker currently for the states of NY & NJ with over 18 years of mortgage banking experience, as a single mother of two sons ages 27 and 21 years old :) Came from the Island of Jamaica at the age of 18 years old with just the shoes on my feet and the clothes on my back. Soon pregnant with no support or hope, I had to find a way to survive. Through many struggles and hard times, survive I did. Now I would like to share my experiences with others who may be facing the same hopelessness but with the desire to survive the struggles facing them.
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