A New Year, Will it be a New Start?

Each year we all reflect on what we have accomplished or hope to accomplished in reality do we ever get what we wished or hope to have accomplished ?  For me I have come to understand that no matter what I hope or dream for,  there will always be that one or many obsticeles that will make all the good things be not so good 😦  we may have gotten our wish but have failed to make reality out of it because of the unexpected things that poked its head.  My Rambling words are this: I do wish and hope all my Friends and Families  and their Friends and Families have a wonderful up coming year, also do not be ignorant to the fact that this world exist with good and bad so for every good there will be bad,  the challenge will be how to let the good over come the bad.  The simple thoughts and deeds we see each day that we dismiss could be our path to acquire, and hold on the good wishes we had earlier in the year, and had  extended as a New Year resolution.  Most of us will miss that and will once again repeat the same wishes and resolutions again.

I spent the entire 2013 in highs and lows, feeling love and hated, feeling alone at times but at other times filled with all the love and affection one person should never let go off.  I won’t sit here and reflect too much on any one specific lost or love as I really do not have any vision of what 2014  will bring, I can only hope that it’s a year for me to pursue my dream and survive the daily ups and downs.  For every bad I have experienced, I have also experienced a lot of good, lets just say I not only talk to dead people hahahaha I do speak to some that are living as well :):):) lets see what lies ahead. :):):)


About mssjackie

Licensed Mortgage Banker currently for the states of NY & NJ with over 18 years of mortgage banking experience, as a single mother of two sons ages 27 and 21 years old :) Came from the Island of Jamaica at the age of 18 years old with just the shoes on my feet and the clothes on my back. Soon pregnant with no support or hope, I had to find a way to survive. Through many struggles and hard times, survive I did. Now I would like to share my experiences with others who may be facing the same hopelessness but with the desire to survive the struggles facing them.
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