Licensed Mortgage Banker currently for the states of NY & NJ with over 18 years of mortgage banking experience, as a single mother of two sons ages 24 and 18 years old 🙂

Came from the Island of Jamaica at the age of 18 years old with just the shoes on my feet and the clothes on my back. Soon pregnant with no support or hope, I had to find a way to survive. Through many struggles and hard times, survive I did.

Now I would like to share my experiences with others who may be facing the same hopelessness but with the desire to survive the struggles that may face them. I will try to update my post each day but would welcome any questions you or someone you know may have, we live in a time where things are a lot different I did not have anyone I could reach out to in time of darkness and I would like to be a light to someone, I was able to raise two wonderful boys without any help or support from their fathers, my eldest is now living his dream playing professional football my youngest just started college :):) this all came to be because I refused to give up, so please let me know how I can help.


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